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Why are the artist’s analytics missing certain stats?

If you find a piece of data is missing from the Artist Page/analytics, it’s probably due to one of the following reasons: 

▪ The artist doesn't have a profile on a particular social media or streaming channel, so there is no data available.

The channel hasn't been added to the Artist Page yet. If this is the case, you can edit the page and add the missing link. Any changes you make on Viberate Pages first go through review. After our curators approve them and the database refreshes, you'll see the data that was previously missing.

The channel has just recently been added to the Artist Page. If this is the case, please bear in mind that it takes about a week for the newly added data to display on the Artist Page. 

▪ Your subscription plan doesn't include access to the content you wish to see. Don't worry, you can always upgrade your plan.