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What are the guidelines for adding/editing an Artist Page?

Viberate maps the entire music industry under one roof, with over a million Artist, Festival, Venue and Event Pages. Each page is unique and what’s more, entity pages (Artists, Festivals, etc.) are interconnected. 

Before you add a new Artist Page, make sure it meets the requirements: 

▪ The artist isn’t in our database yet (here’s how to improve your search results).
▪ The artist is active and making music.
▪ You can find basic information about the artist (see content requirements).
▪ You can add at least two links to the social media and music channels of the artist (see link requirements). 

When editing an Artist Page, you can add missing information and links and correct any wrong ones. However:

▪ If the existing links on the Artist Page are correct (they belong to the artist and display content), don’t change their URL in any way (e.g., from http to https, adding or removing slashes). Such changes will be rejected.
▪Don’t remove the existing links if they are correct (belong to the artist, display content), even if the content on social media channels is outdated (more than 3 years old). You can replace them with new links if they exist (e.g., the artist has created a new Twitter account – in this case, you can replace the existing link with the new one).
▪Try to find as much missing information as you can.

After you add or edit an Artist Page, our curators will review your entry and either approve or reject it. Your entry will be approved if at least half of the submitted information is correct. To avoid your entry being rejected, please follow the content and link requirements. If you're new to our contribution system, we highly recommend you take a few minutes to read through all the requirements.