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What are the guidelines for adding/editing a Venue Page?

Viberate maps the entire music industry under one roof with over a million of Artist, Festival, Venue and Event Pages. Each page is unique and what’s more, entity pages (Artists, Festivals, etc.) are interconnected. For example, a Venue Page displays the Artists who have performed there.

When you add a new Venue Page to the database, these are the minimum requirements: The venue isn’t in our database yet.

▪ The venue hosts live music events.
▪ The venue is currently operational.
▪ At least half of the added content is correct.

When editing a Venue Page, pay attention: 

▪ Change any information that’s outdated or incorrect. Don't edit any information that doesn't need editing. 

In both instances, follow the content and link requirements. Otherwise, your entry might get rejected. If you're new to our contribution system, we highly recommend you take a few minutes and read through all the requirements. If you have any questions, reach out to