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What are the guidelines for adding/editing a Label Page?

Viberate maps the entire music industry under one roof, with over a million Artist, Festival, Venue, Label and Event Pages. Each page is unique and what’s more, entity pages (artists, festivals, etc.) are interconnected. For example, if an artist is releasing tracks under a specific label, the label is also recorded on the artist’s page.

Before you add a new Label Page to the database, follow these minimum requirements:

The label isn’t in our database yet (here’s how to improve your search results).
▪ Add a record label that has artist’s track releases.
▪ The label has at least one official channel you can link to.

Don't add: 

▪ Channels which belong to the label’s owner.
▪ Channels which belong to the artist.
▪ Channels which belong to parental or sub-label and not the label you are adding/editing (such channels should be added to a new entity, if it is not yet in the database).
E.g., Armada Electronic Elements ( is a sub-label of Armada Music ( When adding/editing the label Armada Electronic Elements, we must only add the links of the Armada Electronic Elements plus homepage if it has a dedicated page on the parental label Armada Music.

After you add or edit a Label Page, our curators will review your entry and either approve or reject it. Your entry will be approved if at least half of the submitted information is correct. To avoid your entry being rejected, please follow the content and link requirements.