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What are the content requirements for adding new events?

The following has to be considered when adding/editing an event:

Choose the correct venue where the event is taking place. If you can’t find the venue, add it to the database first. Once your Venue submission is confirmed, you’ll be able to add the event.

Date & Time:
Set the official date and starting time from the website of the event or the ticket provider’s link. Don’t use the venue’s opening times like ‘Doors Open’ as an official event date.

Add all performing artists to the lineup, including headliners and all of the supporting acts. The order doesn’t matter, as they are automatically sorted by popularity. If you can’t find an artist, add them to the database first. Once your artist submission is confirmed, you’ll be able to add them to the lineup.

Ticket Info:
Select the correct entry method. If you select the “tickets online” option, provide up to 3 ticket links. The official ticket provider should be listed first. Enter the lowest ticket price. The prices on Viberate are in EUR, so if the ticket price is in another currency, convert it to EUR before adding.

Event names are auto-generated as “[Artist Name] at [Venue Name]”, but you can edit them if you need to. When doing so, stick to the form “[Artist Name] at [Venue Name]” (up to 3 artists) or use “[Official Event Name] (FB Event name/flyer) at [Venue Name]”.