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What are the content requirements for adding/editing venues?

Content is extremely important when adding/editing a Venue Page. It provides the venue’s basic information and contributes to the content presented on the page. Try to add as much information as possible and make sure that it’s correct.

When adding/editing a venue, follow these content requirements.

State the official name that’s used on all outlets (the venue's website and social media channels). Use the Latin alphabet.

Contact details:
Enter the contact email and phone number (should start with +, followed by the international calling code).

Search for the location and select it from the drop-down list. You can usually find the location info on the venue’s homepage, Facebook page, or by doing a google search.

By default, a venue’s status is set to “Open”. If a Venue is no longer operational (it’s permanently closed), change the status to “Closed”.

Venue Type:
Select the best option from the drop-down menu.

Venue Capacity:
Select the approximate number of people that can fit in the venue. Look up the info on social media channels or Google, or determine the size from the photos. Most bars and clubs have a capacity of 0–500.

Select highlights that represent the venue's style/vibe. To find the highlights, read through the venue's website description, look at the types of their events, check out their social media photos and look at the review sites (Yelp, Tripadvisor, etc.). If applicable, select at least 4.

Opening Hours:
For each day of the week, select the exact opening hours. Set the days on which the venue isn’t open to “Closed”. If the venue is always open, select 00:00–23:45 for all days. If the venue has breaks during the day (10:00–14:00, 16:00–22:00), select the start and end of the opening hours (10:00–22:00). 
The info can usually be found on the Venue’s website, social media channels (see the “About” section), or directly on Google Maps/search. If the opening hours can’t be determined, leave the field empty.

Upload at least 4 images (min. 512x512 px, max. 2MB, .jpeg or .png) and set one as the venue photo. If possible, also add a video.
Main Venue Photo: Min. 512x512 px, max. 2MB, .jpeg or .png. Use the venue’s official social media photos. The main venue photo should be in landscape mode. Avoid logos, unless there are no alternatives.
Photos: Min. 512x512 px, max. 2Mb, .jpeg or .png. The photos need to be different from the main venue photo. Use a photo of the venue’s exterior/interior/party atmosphere/foods & drinks that best shows the mood of the venue. Don't use close-up photos of people (no person or entity should be recognizable). Third-party logos are not allowed.
Video: Link a YouTube video containing a presentation/promo of the venue, or a good quality video of an event that took place at the venue. The video can be sourced from any user’s channel, not just an official one, however, don’t add blogger reviews or low-quality videos (dark, grainy, with low resolution).