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What are the content requirements for adding/editing festivals?

Content is extremely important when adding/editing a Festival Page. Not only does it provide the basic information, it’s also a cornerstone of the festival’s analytics (especially the lineup information) and its ranking on the Festival Chart. Try to add as much information as possible, and make sure that it’s correct.

When adding/editing a festival, follow these content requirements.

State the official name that’s used on all outlets (the festival’s homepage and social media channels). The name should be written in the Latin alphabet and should not include the year of the festival’s edition (i.e., Exit Festival 2021) or the edition’s number (20th Exit Festival).
If the same festival takes place in different cities/countries, add the city/country name next to the official festival name (e.g., Rock in Rio, Rock in Rio Lisboa; Rolling Loud Miami, Rolling Loud Los Angeles).

Enter all the dates when the acts on the lineup are performing. If the last act stops performing after midnight, don’t enter the next day. If the festival has two dates, add the earlier one. You can add the second one as an additional date later.

Location is determined using Google Maps API. Simply put in the festival’s address or, if the festival has its location pinpointed, type in the festival’s name and pick the correct option from the drop-down list.
If there's no exact address on the festival’s website or social media channels, choose the main Venue/stage address or box office address. If the exact location is a secret, just choose a city/country.

Enter the number of stages. If it’s unknown or you’re not sure, leave this field empty.

The festival’s size is determined by the number of people who visit the festival during its whole duration. If it’s unknown or you’re not sure, leave this field empty.

Add as many artists on the lineup as possible and include all of the headliners. If more than one artist has the same name, check their country and main genre. You can also click on the artist to check their page before you add them to the lineup. If the artists have very short or very common names, check here to find out how you can narrow your search results.

Amenities & Highlights:
Highlights and amenities show the festival’s characteristics – what the festival has to offer besides the musical acts. Select only the amenities and highlights that can be verified on the festival’s official channels.

Ticket Info:
You can find the ticket prices on the website of the event or the ticket provider’s link. Add the lowest price available. The prices on Viberate are in EUR, so if the ticket price is in another currency, convert it to EUR before adding. If the tickets are available for online purchase, add up to 3 ticket links.

New Edition:
If a festival has already taken place during the current calendar year and the date of next year’s edition is known, you can create a new edition but you can’t edit the past one. Once you’ve created the new one, you’ll be able to edit the page, but only the newly added edition, so be careful to only add information regarding the new edition. You can’t add a new edition to a festival that hasn't taken place during the current calendar year yet.

▪ Main Festival Photo: Min. 512x512 px, max. 2MB, .jpeg or .png. Use the festival’s official logo, preferably without the edition’s year. If there’s no logo, use the most appealing picture that best depicts the festival. The main photo has to be square. When adding a new edition, check if the photo is still up to date.
▪  Photos: Min. 512x512 px, max. 2MB, .jpeg or .png. Add at least 3 images in addition to the main photo. Use photos of the highest possible quality that show the main features of the festival. Don't add photos of people or bands (no person or entity should be recognizable). Avoid fliers and watermarked photos. Third-party logos aren’t allowed.
▪  Videos: Link a YouTube video URL (the correct URL form is, for example: Any trailers and/or aftermovies should be official. When adding other unofficial videos, make sure they are high quality. Add the latest edition's trailers and aftermovies (e.g., add the 2021 trailer and aftermovie to the 2021 Festival edition).