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What are the content requirements for adding/editing artists?

Providing correct content information is very important when adding/editing Artist Pages. Not only does it provide the basic information about an artist, it also ranks artists on the corresponding Chart (e.g., it determines under which genre and country an artist will be ranked).  

When adding or editing Artist Pages, stick to the requirements in this section. If you're new to our contribution system, take a few minutes and read through the content below, as well as the general guidelines and link requirements

State the official name that’s used on the majority of channels (written in the Latin alphabet).

Choose the country in which the artist made their career or the country that the artist publicly considers their home country.

Artist Photo: 
Add the official image, used on the majority of the artist's social media channels. Avoid adding album covers and event photos. The minimum size requirement for the main Artist Photo is 400x400 px. 

When setting subgenres, select the most representative one first, as the first subgenre determines the artist's main genre (for example, if you choose Mainstream Pop, an artist will be listed under Pop).