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How do I sign up and create an account?

You can sign up here (it’s free). Use your email address or choose the Facebook or Google account sign-up option. 

Choose your preferred sign-up option and create your Viberate account.

Then finalize your sign-up in a couple of short steps:

▪ Enter your basic information (first name, last name and city).

▪ Select your role in the music industry. You can select all of the roles you identify with. Just type in your role and select it from the drop-down menu. Your roles will be used to maximize your experience and won't limit your access to any of Viberate’s features. You can edit your roles later in your profile.

▪ Select your subgenres. This will help us shape your Viberate experience according to your music direction. You can modify your selection later in your profile

Complete the registration process by clicking the "Continue" button. You can start using your Viberate account straight away.