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How do I determine the artist's genres and subgenres?

Genres are very important at Viberate. They give us information about an artist's music style and position the artist within the corresponding genre and subgenre on Charts. Before you decide on a subgenre or combination of subgenres:

▪ Listen to a few tracks and try to determine the genres/subgenres the artist belongs to.
▪ Check the artist's channels and try to find out how they identify themselves. Genres are often stated in their Facebook “About” section, Bandsintown, Beatport (for Electronic Artists) and Spotify descriptions, etc.
▪ Check Wikipedia, but note that it's not always correct. You can also google it, but be careful, as such results are often too generic.
▪ Get help from Genre guides such as Musicmap and Every Noise

Note that the first selected subgenre determines the artist's main genre.