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How can I spot trending artists?

You can easily identify and filter out the artists that have recently gained the most popularity overall, on Spotify, Beatport, or the radio by applying the "Hot" filter. To do so, go to the corresponding Artist Chart:  

This will filter out the artists who've gained significant traction over several consecutive weeks, compared with the other artists in their range. 

Another option is to use the Artist Chart and filter it by country, genre or channels you’d like to explore, and select a shorter time frame (1 or 3 months). You’ll see the artists who’ve gained the most momentum in this period. Additionally, you can narrow your search by Viberte rank and Fanbase size, for example, by the number of Spotify followers.

We also highlight the fastest-rising artists in specific genres and countries, so check the Genre and Country analytics for your specific case.

Check out this tutorial to learn more.