How can we help?

How can I avoid having my entries rejected?

By following these basic guidelines:

▪ Stick to the rules. Before submitting your entry, make sure you’re familiar with the contribution rules.

Always double-check. Especially when adding new entities. Are you sure that The Misfits aren’t in the database already? Check again. Here’s how you can improve your search results.

▪ Quality over quantity. It’s the quality that matters. Therefore, it’s better to work slower than to rush into submitting as many entries as possible, making mistakes on the way.

▪  Provide as much information as possible. E.g., instead of providing only 2 links to the Artist’s social media and streaming channels, put effort into finding some more.

▪ When you’re not sure, ask. Our mentors and support staff at Viberate will be happy to help. Feel free to contact us at