Use Viberate to Get Ahead in the Business of Events

If you’re a festival organizer or venue owner, Viberate is a place to be. Here's how you can use the platform to your advantage.
Use Viberate to Get Ahead in the Business of Events
Sara Mekinc

Welcome to Viberate, the most reliable research and analytics platform you'll find in the music industry. 

Whenever the live music industry starts recovering – and whatever the new normal will be –, we'll help you use the power of data to make less risky decisions and maintain festival communities

We analyze stats from Spotify, YouTube, Beatport, SoundCloud, Instagram, and Twitter and turn them into information you can work with.

➡️ Here are 5 steps you can use to get ahead in the business of events with Viberate.
Let's get specific.

🔎 Do your basic music research in one place.

With Viberate Lite you can explore Pages of almost every festival, venue, artist, genre, and country in the world.

  • Check out what other festivals are doing. Filter them by size, genre, country, and timeframe. On their Festival Pages (like this one) you’ll find their basic stats, lineup, social media connections, and highlights.
  • Do the same drill with venues.
  • Search through the list of artists and filter them by country, genre, and subgenre. Find their ranking, links to official channels, and trending content on Artist Pages (here’s an example).
  • Research countries and dive into 18 genres and 140 subgenres to find the biggest stars, festivals, and venues.

📈 Access detailed music analytics of over 5,000 festivals and almost every artist in the world.

➡️ Start by claiming your Viberate Page and see what music pros post about you.

With your claimed Festival Page, you can start by clicking the "MY PAGES" tab in the sidebar menu. There, check your basic stats, including a list of every professional mention of the Festival on social media – when and what Artists and other Festivals posted about you on Instagram and Twitter.

➡️ Get detailed music analytics of artists and festivals worldwide by starting your 30-day free trial of Viberate Premium here

With it, you'll be able to:

  • do a complete screening of almost every artist in the world in one spot,
  • track your own performance and use other festivals as a benchmark,
  • access streaming and live performance stats of specific countries, and
  • follow trends in 18 genres.

➡️ A claimed Page gets you 50% off Viberate Premium –  If you need one more incentive to claim your Viberate Page

There's loads of features you can work with. Give Viberate Premium a go in a FREE trial.

🥇 Use Charts to see how the festivals and artists rank.

During the free trial, you’ll also be able to explore our Charts, which rank every single festival or artist in the world according to their performance.

  • Check how your festival ranks compared to your competition.
  • See how the artists rank on Spotify, Beatport, YouTube, SoundCloud, Instagram, and Twitter or overall. Filter them by country, genre, and subgenre and find the right artists to book for your event.

📲 Get your own festival app.

Viberate’s data eliminates starting costs when building a tailored festival app. The result is an affordable app, easy-to-use CMS, and rich content always automatically updated from our platform. You get a tool to engage your fans, and, most importantly, save precious time and resources. 

See more about Festival Apps.

📚 Check out Learn with Viberate, your go-to guide to the platform.

Are you new to analytics or want to learn how to use stats to better navigate the music industry? On Learn with Viberate, you can find tutorials, dates for new webinars, and other guides that will help you maximize your experience. 

Additionally, you can access industry guides that will help you upgrade your marketing skills and discover emerging artists faster.


Sara Mekinc

Sara Mekinc

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