How to Make the Most Out of Viberate

Use Viberate to your advantage in 5 simple steps.
How to Make the Most Out of Viberate
Sara Mekinc

Welcome to Viberate, the most reliable research and analytics platform you'll find in the music industry. 

We analyze stats from Spotify, YouTube, Beatport, SoundCloud, Deezer, Shazam, Instagram and Twitter and turn them into information that artists and music professionals can work with.

With Viberate, you can translate music data into career opportunities in 5 different ways.

Viberate features

🔎 Do your basic music research in one place

With Viberate Lite you can explore pages of almost every artist, label, festival, genre, country, and music venue in the world.

  • Search through the list of artists and filter them by country, genre and subgenre.
  • Find their ranking, links to official channels, and their trending content on Artist Pages (like this one).
  • Look into the countries you're interested in and dive into 18 genres and 140 subgenres to find the biggest stars, festivals, and venues.

📈 Access detailed social media and music analytics of almost every artist in the world

With Viberate Lite you can monitor full data analytics of any two artists of your choice. You can change the artists you'd like to monitor every 30 days.

To test every single feature and get detailed Spotify, Beatport, Instagram, YouTube, and SoundCloud analytics for more than two artists, start your free trial of Viberate Premium here. With it, you'll be able to:

  • get full music analytics of almost every artist in the world,
  • follow trends in 18 music genres, and
  • access streaming and live performance stats for every local market.

🥇 Use charts to see how the artists rank on social media and music channels

During the free trial, you’ll also be able to explore our charts, which rank every single artist in the world according to their online performance.

  • See how you or the artists you manage rank on Spotify, Beatport, YouTube, SoundCloud, Instagram, and Twitter or overall.
  • Find artists who’ve been outperforming their peers in the last months.

📃 Get your go-to shortcuts in the "For You" dashboard

Your "For You" section is personalized to help you get the most out of Viberate with:

  • a quick data rundown of any two artists you select,
  • an overview of your claimed pages (see the details here),
  • the full list of artists, festivals, labels and venues that you follow,
  • the hottest artists and tracks in your genre, and
  • saved personalized chats which will simplify your talent discovery.

📚 Check our Resources page, your go-to guide to the platform

Are you new to analytics or want to learn how to use stats to better navigate the music industry? 

On our Resources page, you can find tutorials that will maximize your Viberate experience, watch previous webinars and apply to the upcoming ones.

Additionally, you can access our data reports to detect trends in the music industry,  read articles on our blog, and download ebooks that will help you upgrade your marketing skills and discover emerging artists faster.

Sara Mekinc

Sara Mekinc

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