Find Emerging Artists with Charts

Find up-and-comers to add to your roster, check who’s ruling the platforms, see where specific artists rank, and do your bookings with less risk. Here’s how Charts will help you.
Find Emerging Artists with Charts
Urska Jaksa

We’re going to dive into Charts, one of the freshest features on the market. We've made sure that smaller musicians are well-represented, so Charts go way beyond superstar names. This is a great way to dip your toes into market research and go in-depth from there. 


Here’s how you can do your due diligence with Charts:

✔️ Find emerging artists to add to your roster.

✔️ Check the rank of specific artists.

✔️ Find the right artists for your event.


Let’s start with logistics

To access artist ranking, go to “CHARTS” in the navigation bar and click the "EXPLORE CHARTS" button. 

In the ARTIST CHARTS, you can filter the artists by country, genre, and subgenre. You get the default sorting based on Viberate Popularity, which will give you an aggregated overview of the market. Viberate Popularity combines data from social media and music channels in one metric to show overall online and offline popularity. You can sort by:

channel-specific parameters such as YouTube video views, Instagram likes, Shazams, SoundCloud plays, Spotify monthly listeners, etc. and 

timeline (last 30 days, last 3 months, and last year, or go for all-time results).

Additionally, you can check the ranking of Electronic artists releasing music on Beatport in the BEATPORT ARTIST CHARTS.


🔮 Find emerging artists to add to your roster

We can’t predict the future, but we CAN see trends. Applying country, genre and subgenre filters to Charts, you’ll get a listing, starting with the top performers. Scroll down to see who else is making music in the category. Below an artist's rank, you’ll see how it changed compared to the previous month. On the right, you also get their numbers across the platforms. For detailed research into a specific artist, click on their name and check their Page. Here’s your guide through the sections:

📌 Learn About the Artists Through Their Stats

You can also discover new talent with some additional filter magic. Check the competition on different platforms and in different timelines. Want to find out which US Indie Pop artists got the most SoundCloud plays in the last 12 months? No problem:

📍 Check the rank of specific artists

To see where particular artists rank, just type in their name and they will get highlighted in the chart, with all the filters you selected. 

🔎 Find the right artists for your event

Let’s say you’re organizing an event in Sweden and looking for interesting Metal bands with a fanbase big enough to fill the venue. We know events aren't really on the horizon just yet, but it doesn’t hurt to get an early start, research-wise. Here’s what to do (applicable to any country): 

#1 If you want to book local artists.

Go to Charts and filter accordingly: select Sweden plus the genre and the subgenre you’re interested in. You’ll get a list of the most popular artists in Sweden, sorted by Viberate Popularity. Here you can see the Top 3 Swedish Metal bands, sorted by Viberate Popularity.

Once you’ve taken the first look, click on each artist and check their Pages to go in-depth: go to Event Overview to see their average crowd size, the type of venue they usually play, in which countries these events are, and what the top live performances were. Also, check other sections like Audience Map for more info on their fanbase.

For example, if we check Sabaton, we see they usually play in halls and that they play more than a third of all events in the USA. A look at the Audience Map also shows that the majority of their fanbase comes from the USA, while the situation in their home country is not that shabby, with 722k monthly YouTube views and 157k monthly Spotify listeners. Also, check their top tracks to get a taste of their work.

#2 If you want to book artists who are popular in Sweden but aren’t necessarily local.

Filter the artists by genre and subgenre and use the beforementioned Audience Map to see how many people are listening to them on YouTube and Spotify in a specific country.

In the case of Sepultura, you can see that according to the number of monthly Spotify listeners, Sweden is their tenth-largest market.

To get an in-depth overview of the music market in a specific country, check Country analytics (go to the search box in the navigation bar and type in the country you want to explore – when you get to the specific Country Page, click the "ANALYTICS" button). If you haven't selected your plan yet, you'll first have to sign up and choose the right option for you. For all the ways you can use Country analytics, read our guide:

📌 Do All Your Country Research in One Place


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