Who Does Post Malone Follow on Instagram?

Who followed, unfollowed, or liked whom on Instagram can be a big deal these days. As the Viberate platform provides a super simple overview, we decided to pick a few artists and see who they follow on Instagram… and boy, were we pleasantly surprised by some of the finds. First up: Post Malone.
Who Does Post Malone Follow on Instagram?
Sara Mekinc

Industry life has been good to Posty these past 12 months. From touring Europe and the USA, to launching his own line of Crocs and dropping a new album this September, his business and personal network seems to be growing like there’s no tomorrow. Reaching a daily average of over 15,000 new Instagram followers, his content is loved by fans, bands and brands from all around the world. 

Seriously, who WOULDN’T love this? 
Source: Instagram

But we were wondering the opposite: whom does Post Malone follow? And in doing so, publicly show his support? We took a few scrolls and found the usual suspects: Swae Lee, Snoop Dogg, Drake, Wiz Khalifa, Future etc... but then, suddenly:


What? The Irish singer who rose to fame as a member of One Direction doesn’t seem like the obvious pick for Malone’s interests. Until you realize it’s not because of Post’s legendary knowledge of Irish drinking songs, but because Niall Horan won AMA’s New Artist of the Year in 2017, beating out Post. Instead of rivals, the two apparently became buddies and were even spotted hanging out together at an NFL game. How cool is that! 

Source: Post Malone Instagram Stories

Speaking of buddies, enter: 


As explained by Beach Fossils members in an interview, they met Post Malone in 2017, when they started casually @-ing him on Twitter. According to their story, they agreed to meet in L.A. and just kick it like any other regular young guys. A couple hundred beerbongs later they not only remained friends, but were revealed as part of the line-up of Malone’s own music festival Posty Fest in September 2019. Now THAT’S the power of networking!

Ah yes, the international sign of “Peace among Worlds”. 
Source: Instagram


Another one in the buddy category, although less surprising. In May 2018, the Dutch DJ royalty collaborated with Post Malone, Dzeko and Preme on “Jackie Chan”, and it was the “Bud Light Buddies” Instagram post that teased the track and revealed another budding fellowship. Judging by an impressive 41M YouTube views alone, the Tiësto collab was as successful in topping the charts as it was in making lasting memories. 

A budding friendship, first revealed on Instagram. 
Source: Instagram

For more on the latter, cue:


We knew Post Malone was a metalhead even before his latest album featured a track with Ozzy Osbourne (before you ask, yes, they do follow each other on Instagram). But his appreciation for Megadeth was more low-key publicly – that is, until we found David Ellefson’s backstage pic of them together. Ellefson even revealed that Malone sports a Megadeth-inspired tattoo.

Killing it is their business … and business is good. 
Source: Instagram

Talk about respect, right? With this, we were ready to call it a day, but then we discovered the most wholesome follow of them all.


We couldn’t make this up. Some googling quickly revealed that Shania Twain is Malone’s go-to choice for getting hyped backstage before a live gig. Following Post’s loveable appearance on Jimmy Fallon, Shania returned the love with a meme that will warm our hearts long into winter, while fans are naturally rooting for a collaboration track. Fingers crossed! 

Who knew Post Malone is something that does impress Shania Twain much? 
Source: Instagram

Long gone are the “easy” days of simply putting up a cool photo or a particularly mind-blowing shower thought and letting social media do its thing. Today, smart strategic networking on Instagram and Twitter means big business. It’s not only the “you are who you follow” mantra that matters; for some music artists, it’s “you are who follows you.” And for artists followed by Post Malone, it means they’re kind of a big deal.


Cover photo: Kyle Mcloughlin/Leeds 2019


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