Viberate’s Artist Page: Everything You Wanted to Know at a Glance

The musician’s content does the talking on our newly upgraded Artist Pages.
Artist Page: Everything You Wanted to Know at a Glance
Miha Prebil

There are two types of people in the world: those who are curious about data, and those who prefer seeing content. Our latest update covers both. Take a look at the upgraded Artist Pages, where each artist is featured with their standout content.

Select content pieces are also linked to Viberate’s music analytics, so those interested in additional performance details can easily check them out. A certain level of personalization is also available to musicians with claimed Artist Pages, and we’ll get to that later in the article. For now, let’s focus on what’s new.

On each Artist Page, you’ll get to know an artist with just a glance:

🎶 check out their currently trending tracks and videos,
💖 get a general feeling of how popular they are and where,
🏅 see their standout social media posts and streaming performance highlights
👯 find out which other artists follow them on social media,
📝 see which media have mentioned them,
🙌 discover the events they’re performing at, both previous and upcoming.

About that last one – the “upcoming events” section is obviously going to look a bit boring for now, what with the Covid-related standstill and all, but once concerts and touring are back in the picture, it will provide valuable insights into how active an artist is when it comes to live gigs.

Let’s see what the other key sections are about.

🎶 Check out the artist’s tracks and videos

To get a general feeling of the artist’s style, simply browse through their top Spotify, SoundCloud and Beatport tracks, and check out their YouTube videos. Details such as recent stream and view numbers are neatly displayed, and you can also quickly switch between trending, latest and top videos.

Viberate's upgraded Artist Page

💖 Learn a bit more about the fans

A handy world map with “fan hotspots” shows you the top countries and cities where people listen to the artist the most. If you’re interested in who else the fans also listen to, head down to the bottom of the Artist Page and check out the “You Might Also Like” lineup.

👯 Examine the artist’s social media network and online performance

We measure all sorts of data with our Charts, so the “Chart Ranks” section can provide interesting insights. For example: if an artist has gained the most new Spotify followers among Hip Hop artists from the USA, you’ll learn just that.

The artist's charts ranks in the past year.

“Top Instagram Posts” will show you what kind of content usually grabs the fans’ attention. And because the industry is all about who knows and endorses whom, there’s also the “Artists Following” section. It shows which artists follow the artist you’re currently looking at, and which social media channel connects them. The most notable mentions by other artists are displayed as well.

📝 Read the Media Mentions to find out more

Find out which media have written about the artist. This section will be expanded in the upcoming months, so for now, read more about the Artist or a topic related to them in Viberate's articles

💪 Bonus: claim your Artist Page to unlock special powers

OK, we can’t give you X-ray vision, but we can give you the perks that come with claiming your Artist Page or the Page of an artist you’re managing.

         📌 Here's Why (and How) You Should Claim Your Page Today

Once claimed, you’ll be able to customize your Artist Page to a point. And before you ask, yes, additional options for highlighting preferred sections are already in the works.

If all that content has you hungry for more insights, you might be interested in taking a closer look at the wonders of data. In that case …

Try out Viberate’s music analytics for free

To examine more performance metrics, such as, say, track positions on Spotify playlists, or how an artist’s fan engagement has changed throughout time, give Viberate’s music analytics a go. You can test-drive the Premium plan for free and see how the world of powerful data analytics works for you.

Start your free trial here.

Miha Prebil

Miha Prebil

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