Track All Your Music Stats in One Place – This Is How

Your go-to guide to tracking and improving your performance on music channels.
Track All Your Music Stats in One Place – This Is How
Urska Jaksa

You can now monitor all your music channels on your Artist Page on Viberate. This will give you perspective and save you a lot of time, which you can then invest into your art. Here's how to do it, step-by-step.


  • How to track your one-year trend and identify your milestones.
  • How to track your fanbase growth across music channels and evaluate your promotional campaigns.
  • How to check where your listeners are coming from and use this knowledge in your next promotional campaign.
➡️ We'll take you through with the example of British Indie Pop singer Arlo Parks. Follow the steps and apply them to your own case.

Find your Artist Page.

Type your name in the search box in the navigation bar and find your name in the results, then click on the ANALYTICS tab.

Find your Artist Page.

Quickly assess your performance in Career Health.

In the first section, we’ll check the second indicator, Music Channel Performance. It sums up your activity on music channels, monitoring YouTube, Spotify, SoundCloud, Deezer and Shazam. To keep it balanced, only similarly ranked artists within the same subgenre are compared.

Your goal is to keep the indicator in the green area, which means you stand out from the artists who rank close to you. Otherwise, there's room for improvement.

Assess your Music Channel Performance.

👉 In the example of Arlo Parks above, we can see her Music Channel performance is poor compared to other Indie Pop Artists, suggesting there’s room for improvement. We’ll see where exactly as we go into the specifics.

Check your overall 12-month trend.

The next section, Career Performance, sums up all of your channels in a 12-month trajectory and gives you an overview of how you’re doing. Clicking on the symbols on the line takes you to specific highlights featuring the content that's gained the most attention.

You want an upward trend, which means you're gaining traction. A straight line means your online channels are stable, and a downward trend means your online channels are not as active as they used to be.

Check your overall 12-month trend.

👉 Arlo is trending upwards. Clicking on the symbols on the line, we can see that in October, the track Hurt was Shazamed a lot, and in December, the highlight is a YouTube video for the track Caroline, which gained a substantial number of views.

Let's get into the details.

Look into your Fanbase Growth.

Go past Fanbase Distribution to the section called Fanbase Growth, where you can see how your fanbase has increased in different periods.

  • Use the 12-month timeline to see how your fanbase has grown in the long term. You're aiming for stable growth or an upward trend.
  • Look at the briefer timelines to check how recent collabs, releases or announcements have influenced the size of your fanbase.
  • Dig deeper into the spikes and identify the causes to repeat successful examples.
Look into your Fanbase Growth.

👉 To break down Arlo Parks’ Career Performance across channels, we’re going for 12 months. Above, we see that in the middle of December, all of her channels started gaining followers, peaking at the end of January, coinciding with the release of her debut album Collapsed in Sunbeams. This means that the launch campaign resonated well among her fans. She gained the most followers on Spotify, which is her strongest channel. Even though her other channels are not as strong (as we saw under Music Channel Performance in the Career Health section), she has been on the upswing recently.

See where the listeners are coming from.

Scroll to the Monthly Streaming Map to see the listener distribution across countries. You can sort the countries according to Spotify listeners or YouTube viewers.

Use this market knowledge when planning your promotional campaigns, gigs and tours.

Before planning any kind of promotion, it is crucial to research your market presence, which means knowing where your fans come from. That’s how you can set the right tone and target the right audiences.

👉 The majority of Arlo’s YouTube views come from the UK, US and Brazil. When we toggle to Spotify, we see different results - first place goes convincingly to the US, followed by the UK, Germany and Australia.

By checking both channels, we make sure we don’t miss a market opportunity. For example, Brazil stands out, but only on YouTube, so we’d have missed it if we hadn’t looked at both channels.


  • Assess your performance on music channels in the Career Health section. Is there room for improvement or are you already in the green?
  • Explore your one-year career trend and highlights in Career Performance. Is your online presence growing, stable or descending? Work from there.
  • Examine your Fanbase Growth. On which channels did you gain the most followers, and which ones need some extra work? See if your previous campaigns translated into follower growth, and keep track of your on-going promotional efforts.
  • Pinpoint the location of most of your listeners on YouTube and Spotify in the Monthly Streaming Map. Use this knowledge when planning your promotional campaigns.

➡️ It's your time to give it a go.

Search for your Artist Page and learn about your performance on music channels to fuel your future successes. We did a whole separate guide on how to get deep into your Spotify analytics. Check it out here.

Urska Jaksa

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