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Join us for a quick point-by-point walk-through of everything our platform has to offer.
Making the Most Out of Viberate: A Short Guide
Sara Mekinc

Welcome to the next chapter of your music career! You’ve recently claimed your Viberate page, so you’re probably eager to know how to make the most out of it. We’ve designed this tour for just that purpose, so please follow our bright red umbrella as we sightsee all the important tips and tricks.

Easily showcase your work

Your claimed Page and/or the Pages you manage feature all the important social media and streaming links, so you can be sure that your most recent content is there. This makes sharing your work with the people who matter in the industry that much easier. Simply send the page link to promoters, talent scouts and A&Rs, and use the saved-up time to focus on putting out fresh content – it will be displayed on the page automatically. 

Do all your research in one place

To save you time and energy, we’ve created a singular platform that covers as much industry ground as possible. Trending artists and content, new collabs and opportunities, festivals and events to book and promote, venues and gigs to enhance your portfolio with… Simply use filters and different views to effectively narrow down your search results, whether you’re browsing venues, festivals, or artists. For example, you can use list or grid view and find every Indie Rock band in the UK.

Start on your own page by checking out highlighted artists whose genre is similar to yours. The more notable artists you connect with, the better your popularity points and Network Respect will be. Speaking of those…

Make smarter decisions with Viberate analytics

Our latest service has been designed for music professionals such as yourself. With Viberate analytics, you can upgrade your “street smarts” with data-driven insights. Besides allowing you to monitor your performance across different social and streaming channels, it will help you learn which content performs better and give you an overview of your career path. Access to the performance stats of thousands of other artists will give you new ideas.

Your discoveries can go really in-depth: from finding out venues for your next gig, to learning where in the world people are listening to your music with Audience Maps, to examining the popularity charts for specific subgenres.

If you want to get into the details, learn everything there is to Viberate analytics in this step-by-step guide

Read Viberate Insider and learn more about the industry

Our editorial blog covers many topics: from practical tips to artist interviews to data insights, all designed to help you navigate the music industry better. Want to know how to, say, design your own merch? Gain ideas for improving your YouTube performance? See the different ways of interpreting Viberate analytics data? 

Never miss out on a story: check out the articles, freshly delivered in our weekly newsletter.


Share what you know with the music community

If you like putting things in order, check out contribution as well. What makes Viberate tick is a worldwide community of music enthusiasts, both artists and fans, who tend to every page, making sure the info is relevant and up-to-date, and sharing their findings with each other. 

Last but not least: spread the word and share your best Viberate findings with your fans. Everyone loves a good story. 


Cover photo: Karina Carvalho (Unsplash)


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