Get Discovered Through SoundCloud: 5 Tips for New Musicians

SoundCloud is considered one of the best platforms for discovering new artists. A lot of people use it solely for that purpose, so it’s a great tool for new musicians seeking an audience. Remember, about 175M people use SoundCloud every month. But success doesn’t come easy, and a little knowledge can take you a long way. Check out a few tips on how to get the most out of SoundCloud.
Get Discovered Through SoundCloud: 5 Tips for New Musicians
Urban Klancnik

1. Tags, tags, tags

Think a lot about the tags. They're the gateway to your music on SoundCloud. Be honest about what you do to attract the right people to your songs. Stick to one main genre and make your tags as accurate as possible. There's a help page on SoundCloud, where you can get general tips for tags, and you can find it here!

There are over 10M registered artists on SoundCloud, according to the website, so the competition is big. Can you get through the noise, like Fetty Wap did, for instance? Source: Rachit Tank (Unsplash)

2. Add links
Likes are important, but in the end, you want to sell your music, so add the links to iTunes, Bandcamp, and so on. 


3. Cover sells

Album art is really important. Wherever you share your track on SoundCloud (don’t forget, you can share it through messages, stories, and so on), the album cover will be visible. Actually, it will be the first thing people see, so make it as good as possible.


4. Before the release

SoundCloud gives you the option to share secret links to your tracks with certain people. The feature is great for sharing your songs before they’re officially released, to build some momentum. It’ll make the followers who receive the track feel special.

The total number of SoundCloud users right now is 272M, and there are about 180M songs uploaded onto the platform, according to the channel’s statistics.

5. Stats
Study the statistics on SoundCloud and learn in which countries/cities people like the type of music you’re making the most. Target their radio stations, journalists, influencers, and venues. You can get more information on SoundCloud statistics on their official page here. Don’t forget, you can also get invaluable information about venues and events right here at, where you can provide your followers with tour dates, videos, and songs right on your own profile page.


SoundCloud is not a music selling service, which makes it perfect for publishing demos, studio experiments, mixtapes, and so on. Artists can get valuable feedback from users and create a name for themselves while receiving it.


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