Revolutionizing the Music Business With the Power of Data

Having access to reliable information is a gamechanger. We’re giving it to every artist, label, manager and event organizer. Everyone will have the data they need.

- Matej Gregorčič, Viberate founder

Meet the team

A fast-growing team of 150+ music experts, organizers, data scientists, engineers, database curators, marketing specialists, writers, designers, product developers and above all music lovers. Are you with us?

  • Matej Gregorčič

    Matej Gregorčič

    Founder & CEO
  • Vasja Veber

    Vasja Veber

    Co-founder & CBDO
  • UMEK


    Co-founder & Celebrity Ambassador
  • Dejan Roljič

    Dejan Roljič

    Co-founder & Investor Relations
  • Miha Prebil

    Miha Prebil

  • Boštjan Žakelj

    Boštjan Žakelj

  • Rok Bavec

    Rok Bavec

    Chief Data Scientist
  • Kristian Gorenc

    Kristian Gorenc

    Product Manager
  • Matic Magister

    Matic Magister

  • Mateja Tomažinčič

    Mateja Tomažinčič

    Art Director
  • David Halb

    David Halb

    Head of Sales


  • London

    Viberate London

    1 King William Street
    EC4N 7AF
    United Kingdom

  • Ljubljana

    Viberate Ljubljana

    Letališka 33f
    1000 Ljubljana

  • Beverly Hills
    Beverly Hills

    Viberate Sales USA LLC

    9440 Santa Monica Boulevard
    Suite 301
    Beverly Hills, CA, US 90210
    United States of America

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