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It’s better music data analytics

Working with data shouldn’t be difficult. That’s why we translate it into meaningful and visually impressive insights, ready-made for immediate action.

Explore the game-changing features

Spotify playlist & artist analytics

Spotify playlist
& artist analytics

In-depth overview of listeners, followers and playlist performance.

Instagram, TikTok & Twitter stats

Instagram, TikTok &
Twitter stats

Fanbase demographics, engagement stats and career trajectory.

Global radio airplay analytics

Global radio airplay

Monitoring 24K+ radio stations in 150 countries worldwide.

YouTube, Shazam & SoundCloud analytics

YouTube, Shazam &
SoundCloud analytics

Top tracks, performance through time and audience breakdown.

Cross-platform audience data

audience data

Detailed fanbase demographics: age, gender, location and listening habits.

Highly customizable A&R charts

Highly customizable
A&R charts

Daily updated ranking – customizable by career stage, country, channel and genre.

& Their Teams

Promote your music to the right audience and track your success.

Artists & Their Teams

Track all your stats in one place.


Get your tracks on the right playlists and radio stations.


Know the age, location and listening habits of your fans.

Label Managers
& A&Rs

Be the first to spot breaking artists, plus plan & monitor their progress.

Label managers & A&Rs

Discover new talent with A&R charts.


Monitor artist progress through time.


Back up your work with visual data reports.

Music Marketing

Pinpoint your marketing campaigns and back up your work with data reports.

Music Marketing Agencies

Build release strategies based on audience data.


Measure campaign success over time in one place.


Create visual data reports for your clients.

Event & Festival

Book artists that are hot locally and promote events with audience insights.

Event & Festival Organizers

Find local artists that will attract a crowd.


Evaluate which acts will sell the most tickets.


Plan marketing campaigns with your lineup’s fanbase demographics.

All you need
in one platform

Intelligent features for A&R work

Intelligent features
for A&R work

Use the unique “hot” filters, highly customizable charts, and comparison features to find and evaluate talent faster.

Entire music industry under one roof

Entire music industry
under one roof

Viberate is the only platform that covers and connects all key stakeholders: artists, labels, festivals, events, and venues, proving vital for tour planning and market research.

Visualized for your convenience

Visualized for
your convenience

Every metric is presented in a straightforward and understandable manner, so you can always see the bigger picture.

Database curated for reliability

Database curated
for reliability

No doubled entries and regular accuracy checks ensure that your information is solid.

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Social Media Analytics Checkmark
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Top 100 Chart Picks Checkmark Checkmark
Lite Chart (basic artist ranking without stats) Checkmark Checkmark
Viberate Chart (cross-channel) Checkmark
Spotify Chart (artists and playlists) Checkmark
YouTube Chart Checkmark
Social Media Chart Checkmark
Beatport Chart (artists, labels and tracks) Checkmark
Festival Chart Checkmark
Radio Airplay Chart Checkmark

(6K+ pages)

Festival pages with basic info Checkmark Checkmark
Festival Analytics Checkmark
Side-by-side festival comparison (2022) Checkmark

(50K+ pages)

Label pages with basic info Checkmark Checkmark
Beatport Analytics Checkmark
Side-by-side Label comparison (2022) Checkmark


Genre pages with basic info Checkmark Checkmark
Genre Analytics Checkmark
Radio Airplay Analytics Checkmark


Country pages with basic info Checkmark Checkmark
Country Analytics Checkmark
Radio Airplay Analytics Checkmark

(150K+ pages)

Venue pages with basic info Checkmark Checkmark

(500K+ pages)

Event pages with basic info Checkmark Checkmark


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    “Love working with Viberate! It enables me to create data-driven reports for my artists and supports us when making marketing decisions.”

    Gernot Müller, Voltage Circus
    Gernot Müller, Voltage Circus Germany
  • stars

    “Viberate gives me all of the data I need to make informed decisions. This is a must-have tool for managers, labels, agents and artists.”

    Jay Gilbert, Label Logic
    Jay Gilbert, Label Logic United States of America
  • stars

    “For me, Viberate has been essential to my growth and planning as an artist. I’m there multiple times a week.

    Lie Society, Artist
    Lie Society, Artist United States of America
  • stars

    “It's not easy to find all this data and metrics. You can use a lot of different tools and sources – or you can just work with Viberate.”

    Aga Heller, Frills agency
    Aga Heller, Frills agency Germany
  • stars

    “When it comes to statistical data analytics, it's a game-changer and a platform I anticipate I will be with for a very long time.”

    New Acid Planet, Label
    New Acid Planet, Label Australia
  • stars

    Inevitable tool for selecting labels when you get several sign requests. The choice was great and I got gigs etc. from it.”

    Pumping Alien, Artist
    Pumping Alien, Artist Germany
  • stars

    “All in one! You don't have to waste your time logging and searching all of that information on the specific platform.”

    NOVAK (notsoserious), Artist
    NOVAK (notsoserious), Artist Montenegro
  • stars

    “So loving Viberate right now. I’ve been able to reach out to some radio stations playing similar artists and bang, I’m on.”

    Ray Ramon, Artist
    Ray Ramon, Artist Australia
  • stars

    “Amazing service, it gathers and compares all your socials in literally one page! In addition, super friendly & experienced personnel.”

    Odeum, Artist
    Odeum, Artist Ukraine

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I’ve never used analytics before, will it take me more than a week to learn?

No. With our 5-min video tutorials you’ll learn how to apply data to your career on day one. You can also book a free 15-min growth strategy call where our team makes a personalized plan that focuses on the parts of your career you wish to improve the most.

Why do I even need music analytics?

To make your everyday career decisions less risky and more profitable. With music analytics, artists can get their tracks on the right playlists and radio stations, managers can track their rosters and measure promotion campaigns, A&Rs can scout rising talent faster, and bookers can find hot local acts. These are just a couple of use cases on how good data saves you time and simplifies your job.

I get all the information from the online channels directly, why do I need a special tool?

Viberate will save you time by combining all of the important stats in one place. This way, you don’t have to monitor your progress in Excel and create reports by hand. Plus, the data covers every artist in the world and is already ranked and analyzed.

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